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Last month, I worked on a marketing campaign for a very amazing and energetic woman in her late thirties. She works as a personality coach and claims a pretty established reputation in her domain. Her energy is so charming; my work calls would stretch endlessly. …

Storytelling for Better Marketing
Storytelling — The Art of Convincing Without Trying To Do It

I am often asked — Why do I call myself a storyteller? (Read: Aren’t you a copywriter?)

Here’s why — copy will work only when it’s telling a tale.

If I look at it in any light and from any distance — One thing I can point out clear and…

I am writing copy for eight years now. Playing with words all day — Can’t get better. Right?

So I thought — until one day!

Until the day, I realized the power of written words.


It was the month of May, just like this. The year — 2018.


Pragya Pallavi

Storyteller. Thinker. Time Traveler. Believer. Mum. Wanna discuss your brand stories? Send for pragyapcw@gmail.com and together we explore for bigger horizons.

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